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Wedding Vows

wedding registrarWhat is it that makes a wedding ceremony so special?  Maybe it’s the song that is played while the bride walks down the aisle, or maybe it’s the music during the wedding ceremony.  Perhaps it’s the candles that are lit or the large bows that are tied to the ends of the pews.  With the bride’s dress and the flowers that she holds in her hand, these are all attributes to what makes a wedding special.

Or maybe, just maybe it’s the actual words themselves that are said between the bride and the groom.  Those vows that are said to each other are the most sacred words one person can say to another.  Promising to love, honor and cherish each other of the rest of their lives.

One of the best vows that was said during a wedding ceremony was one that said that you should never settle.  Don’t ever marry the person that you can live with.  Marry the person that you cannot live without.  Those are words of true love and passion and the need to have that person in their life.

Wedding vows can be standard words that are picked by the preacher for the bride and groom to repeat, such as those everyone has heard a million times, or they can be words written by the bride and groom themselves and spoken to each other.

Here are several ideas for wedding vows that one can say to another that truly come from the heart:

  • I promise to love you.
  • I promise to care for you.
  • I will try in every way to be worthy of your love.
  • I promise to be a loyal and true friend to you.
  • I promise to always be honest with you.
  • I promise I will always be kind, patient and forgiving.
  • I will respect you and encourage you.
  • You are my lover, and you are my teacher.
  • I will love you, hold you and honor you in sickness and in health.
  • I promise to be your partner in parenthood.
  • I promise to be your ally during times of conflict.
  • I promise above all else to live in truth with you.
  • I promise to communicate with you fully and without fear.
  • I pledge my love to you, and my devotion, my faith and my honor.
  • You are the magic of my days.
  • You provide a safe haven for me, like I’ve never known.
  • On this day, I give my heart to you.
  • I promise to walk hand-in-hand with you, no matter where this journey may lead us.
  • I promise to make our family’s love and happiness my priority.
  • I promise to be yours in sickness and in health and in failure and in triumph.
  • You are my love, you are my life, today and always.

No matter what vows are said and no matter if they were written by the minister or judge, or by the bride and groom, what matters most is that they are said from the heart, and they are felt wholeheartedly as a promise to be cherished and kept.

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Finding The Perfect Wedding Venue

wedding venue castleOnce you have decided to get married, there are many decisions that you will have to make so that you can have the wedding of your dreams. From picking out the perfect dress to choosing a florist, a wedding can be as simple or as complicated as you choose. One of the most important decisions to make is finding the right venue for your wedding.

Do you want to hold your wedding in a traditional venue, such as a church, hotel, or country house? There are many such venues out there, and the staff are often well-versed in the requirements of a wedding. However, these venues are often in great demand, so competition for popular dates can be fierce. You may not easily be able to schedule your wedding on your preferred date.

There are also many non-traditional sites out there where you can hold a wedding. For example, museums, libraries, art galleries, and pubs can all make great venues for a wedding. While the staff at these locations may not have as much experience with weddings, they may also be more flexible in what they are able to do.

If the weather cooperates, an outdoor wedding can also be a great choice. However, you do run the risk that an unexpected rainstorm can put a damper on your big day. If you do decide to go with an outdoor wedding, it is a good idea to find an alternative indoor site where you can go if the weather turns sour.

When you are looking at venues, there are a number of questions that you must answer. As you go through this checklist, you can narrow down your options. For example, you need to make sure that the venue is large enough to hold all of the guests. You might find a perfect place, but if it is too small, it is just not going to be doable.

Another important wedding planning question to consider is the accessibility of the site. How easy is it for your guests to reach? Is there public transportation that can take people to the venue, or will they have to drive? Is there enough parking for everyone? Is it conveniently situated near any hotels?

Of course, cost is another important consideration. You may not want to think about money when you are planning the wedding of your dreams, but it is important to have a budget and stick to it. If the ideal venue costs far more than you can afford, it is better to try to look for a cheaper alternative than it is to spend too much and go into debt.

Be sure to spend some time visiting each venue that you are considering so that you can see it in person. These visits will give you the best sense of how well a particular venue might work. A venue might seem great online, but once you see it up close, you will realize that it just does not work.

Choosing the right venue for your wedding is important, so use these tips to make your dreams come true.

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9 Tips To Save Money On Weddings

wedding bandsThere are a few things which are guaranteed when it comes to planning a wedding, stress, a hectic few months, and the high costs. However when it comes to cost, there are a number of ways of keeping the costs down. Not all of the tips in this article will be useful as it depends on the couple’s wedding plans, but hopefully they will give you a few ideas that save you some money. Some people spend tens of thousands on a wedding, but a lot of the professional wedding planners will tell you that it is best using the money as a deposit on a house, and using what is left for the wedding.

1) The majority of people want to marry on a Saturday. These days that is only because of tradition rather than any other reason. Try and plan the wedding to be on a Friday or Sunday, as you will get a much better deal.

2)  A lot of people will hire rooms for the wedding reception, and if they are advertised for weddings then you will pay a premium. Look around for restaurant rooms you can hire, as these often prove to be a lot cheaper, and you never run out of food.

3) When it comes to invitations, it can be cheaper buying a new printer and doing them yourself. Or use an online auction site, but always ask for a sample first.

4) Wedding dresses are very expensive these days, especially if they are purchased from the High Street. If you want to save money then you can either hire one, or order a bespoke one off an auction site. Once you have ordered, they are made to measure in Asia. The advice is to order as early as possible, and order one a little larger than you think you need, as it is easy for it to be adjusted.

5) Valentine’s Day always has lots of things for sale to do with love, so go around the shops the day after and buy everything you can find as it will be reduced.

6) You can look great on your wedding day wearing expensive jewelry, but these days it is more cost effective to hire it.

7) Although fresh flowers are great, and smell nice, you do not need them everywhere. It is much cheaper to use silk flowers for things such as tables, and this also means that you can buy those months in advance.

8) When it comes to the wedding cake, there are many work from home moms who can do excellent jobs, and are a lot cheaper than most stores. It is also becoming popular to use cupcakes instead of a whole cake these days.

9) Taking the above tip into account, do not arrange for puddings to be included in the wedding dinner, especially if you will be handing out cupcakes. Puddings are often not wanted anyway, and many people struggle to eat them if the main meal has been enough.

The 9 tips above should help to save you some money, and give you a few pointers on how to get other things cheaper.

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Planning Your Dream Wedding

wedding altarWeddings are said to be the most important day in a person’s life.  It’s that sacred day when you vow to love that one special person for the rest of your life and spend all of eternity together.  You chose each other and now that you’re engaged it’s time to plan the wedding.

There is a lot of planning involved in preparing for the big wedding day and there is a lot to think about.  This can become a very stressful time in a couple’s relationship because the two of you may have different ideas on how you want the day to go and there will be compromises that need to be reached.  Overall, with the two of you planning it together, it will come together to be a perfect day for the both of you.

Here are a few things that you’ll want to consider when making your arrangements.

First, after you have the wedding date set, you’ll want to plan the venue.  Is this going to be a summer wedding or one that falls in the winter or autumn months?  Will it be inside or outside?  Will it be a church wedding or one that is done off the beaten path by a Justice of the Peace?

All of these things will need to be considered.  And although the options seem to be endless, once you both start talking about how you envision the day, you can come up with the perfect venue.

You’ll also need to consider the size of the wedding – meaning the size of the wedding party as well as the number of guests you plan on having.  This can be a bit tricky when either of you has an idea that quite a few people should stand up with you while the other one only has that one friend or relative that they want to stand up with them.

Another thing to consider when planning your wedding would be the food.  If you pick a wedding venue where the food is part of a package deal, then it is pretty simple to choose a few items off of their already planned menu items.  However, if this is a wedding where family will be doing the cooking or you have an outside caterer come in, the options can almost be endless and you’ll need to decide on what is most beneficial to your budget as well as what is going to be easy to serve and something most everyone would enjoy.

One of the biggest pieces of wedding planning is the cake.  It’s the item that is always a source of discussion among guests about the look as well as the taste when the cake is cut.  You can have a cake with several layers that are all different flavors if you like.  And you want the design of the cake to reflect your own style.  There are also several cake toppers to choose from that can reflect you as a couple as well.  Some are very elegant, while others can be more of a comical nature.

These are only a few items you’ll want to consider while planning your big day.  Even if everyone around you wants to have their input on what you should do, remember, it’s YOUR day.

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The Tradition Of Weddings

chinese weddingWeddings are ceremonies where people are joined together in marriage, and traditionally between a man and a woman. The exact details and customs of weddings will vary from culture to culture, but there are similarities that are similar in most cultures. Most of the traditions will have an exchange of wedding vows between the bride and the groom, an exchange of gifts, (the rings representing unity), a symbolic item (money, flowers), and an announcement publicly by an official or a public figure.

Most Christian ceremonies will include a form of a blessing by the people towards the marriage, or a pledge by the community to uphold the marriage. Church weddings are presided over by a minister or a priest, and the marriage is referenced as an institution that is initiated by God.

There are usually special and unique garments that are worn by the bride and groom to signify the special occasion and its unique value to the bride and groom and the invited group of people as well. There can be readings, poetry, announcements, quoting of religious texts, and music to accompany the ceremony, and a reception is usually held after the ceremony to celebrate the occasion.

Many western cultures have incorporated the using of a white dress for the bride, originally exhibited by Queen Victoria of England when she was married. Some have said that in her day it was simple an extravagant show, yet others have said that she used the white dress as a sign of sexual purity on her wedding day.

The tradition of the ring has been a part of the wedding ceremony for a long time in Europe and America. It is not clear exactly where and when the original custom began, but it is a popular tradition today. It is thought that it may have originated in the Roman belief that the Vena Amoris blood vessel in the fourth finger ran direct to the heart, thus when a couple exchanged rings and wore them on that finger their hearts became connected.

Most marriages emphasize that a marriage is a lifelong union between the husband and wife. The Christian especially emphasizes this, and also promotes the raising of children as a priority. In Judaism marriage is a very important step in life and if a person remains unmarried, it is looked upon as not being natural.

Hinduism believes marriage is a sacred duty, which includes religious responsibilities as well as obligations that are social.

Muslim weddings are always declared publicly and are never in secret, and the ceremony itself declares the actual union of the bride and groom, with the event being recorded in the registry office according to the fiqh. The ceremony is also considered to be a legal contract in Islamic law.

A Chinese ceremony of matrimony, or the tea ceremony, is basically the same format as the exchange of vows as in a western ceremony. The Tea Ceremony is still practiced in much of the rural areas of China, but in the larger cities, the practice is to have a combination of the Tea Ceremony coupled with a combination of Western traditions.

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8 Planning Tips For Weddings

wedding dateWeddings are great when you are the person who has been invited, and you have nothing to worry about other than what you will wear on the day, and which present you will buy for the bride and groom. However, if you are the bride or groom, and are organizing the wedding, then things can seem to get out of hand, and the job can quickly go from fun to being stressful. Although the tips you will find below will not cover everything for everyone, they will supply you with a blueprint in which to work with, and hopefully that will help to relieve the stress.

  1. One of the most important aspects is the budget. This needs to be worked out before anything else is planned, and you should never go over the limit you set. Write down how much you have got to spend, and then make a list of everything that you want. Then spend some time going through websites on the internet to get a rough idea of prices, and write this next to each item on the list.
  2. Once the list has been completed, along with the costs, you will then have a general idea of what you can afford. If you are over budget, then you need to cross things off, or cut-down on an idea. If you have money left, keep it as reserve, you do not have to spend it.
  3. Then take the list and split it into two. One half for the groom to take care of, and the other half for the bride.
  4. One valuable tip is for one person to call up say the car hire company and ask for a quote, then a week later someone else calls, and see if they get a different price. This can happen, and so the person who got the cheapest quote calls them back.
  5. Wedding videos are popular, but they are not essential, and are only ever usually watched once. It is cheaper to get a few friends to video the wedding, and put one together out of what they take.
  6. You should however make sure that you get a decent photographer. One good tip here if you are on a small budget, is to find a local college or university that has a photography course, and call them to see if they can help. You may need to make a donation, but it can work out a lot cheaper.
  7. Wedding planning can cause a lot of arguments, especially among families. The bride and groom should make a decision quickly in any arguments, and lay down the law that the decision is final.
  8. Following on from that, the bride and groom should never ask family and friends for advice, all plans are between them, and either people accept that, or do not attend the wedding, it is that simple.

Weddings are meant to be a happy event, but sometimes they can be ruined during the planning stages. So as long as the bride and groom act like they are the King and Queen, and they alone make the rules, then everything will go a lot smoother.